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Who we are​

On October 21 1998, MTN Uganda launched commercial services in Uganda, just six months after acquiring and signing of the license. MTN has since grown to be the leading telecommunications company in Uganda servicing in excess of 6 million customers and growing.

The license required tha​t MTN provide 89,000 lines in the first five years of operation. MTN adopted a wireless approach to providing telecommunications services to the Ugandan market which has proved to be convenient and fast in rolling out of services. Despite insufficient infrastructure (power, roads etc.), MTN has covered in excess of 90% of the population, providing services in over 150 towns and villages and their immediate environments.

Mobile and fixed line services

MTN offers fixed, fixed wireless and mobile telecommunication services. Mobile services became the popular choice to most MTN customers because of the convenience in getting the line and the obvious advantage of one owning a telephone, a privilege previously reserved only for the ‘rich’.

One of MTN's most passionately pursued goals is making telecommunications accessible to the wider population. The pre-paid option where customers get an MTN line at just UGX 3,000, pay upfront for their credit, as well as the availability of affordable handsets on the market has greatly aided this objective. Contract arrangements are also available to mainly business and corporate market where bills are paid in arrears. Other Value Added Services such as roaming, VoicEmail, Email2SMS, Fax2Mail, sharing of airtime through MTN Me2U, Call conferencing and SMS are offered. MTN Uganda operates services on a number of technologies,such as: GSM, CDMA, GPRS, EDGE, WiMAX, Fibre Optic and HSDPA.

As the second national operator, MTN is required to provide fixed line services as well as mobile. In view of the above, MTN has taken on an aggressive approach in the fixed line market. MTN's fixed line services offers instant access, no deposits, and easy management of spending, making it ideal for personal or small business use. We’ve also got tailor-made fixed line solutions for corporate organisations of all sizes.

In September 2000, MTN took a bold step to enter the modern world of telecommunications. MTN started building Africa's first fibre-to-the-door/building network—the 'MTN Fibre Optic Line'. The Fibre Optic Line allows MTN to provide a wide array of telecommunication services, including of course, voice and fax, but more importantly broadband, high speed data and multi-media services. Broadband services are essential to allow corporates, businesses and individuals to take advantage of the information age. Thus MTN has become your total telecommunication solutions provider, leading in both the mobile and fixed line market in Uganda.

Shared access services: Payphones

Over 2 500 payphones were installed in less than 24 months and the demand for these is growing. The payphones also use wireless technology and can be used to make both local and international calls.

MTN together with the Grameen Foundation set up village phones to provide affordable telecommunication services in rural areas.


MTN's network coverage advantage has become one of the company's main features. To date MTN has border-to-border coverage in 52 district capitals and over 150 towns have network coverage. From Kisoro (Rwanda border) to Busia-Malaba at the Kenya border to Arua and Koboko at the Sudan/Congo border to Kabale and Kisoro close to the Rwanda border.

Network quality

MTN as a group prides itself in the provision of quality services. MTN has invested heavily in the best equipment available. The MTN Uganda switch installations boast the most up to date infrastructure and systems. Ericsson provides all MTN technical infrastructures. Three large capacity switches with complete back up guarantee that the network operates smoothly all year round.

This same technology is able to support all value-added services that MTN offers to its customers, such as, voicemail, SMS, data, etc. MTN has also installed high technology equipment at all its base stations ​in the country.

MTN commissioned the first dual band network in Africa. This means that customers have access to better network quality as well as more capacity.


The distribution network of MTN is an important factor to MTN's rapid growth. The establishment of sales outlets and MTN kiosks in strategically convenient locations has created employment for hundreds of Ugandans. With over 4 000 outlets, customers have access to MTN services at the nearest location.

Customer care

Customer care is a key component of MTN's operations in Uganda. As a result, MTN Uganda has the biggest customer services centre in Uganda offering the largest language preference base and extended hours of operation. We were the first company to introduce a dedicated customer care centre in Uganda. MTN has subsequently established customer services points at Shoprite Ben Kiwanuka Street, Lugogo Mall, General Post Office, Crested Towers, Kikuubo branch, Jinja and in Mbarara.

MTN offers customer care in over 19 local and international languages when customers call the help line (100)