Mobile Money FAQs

​​Q. What is MTN Mobile money?

A. MTN Mobile Money is an electronic mobile service that lets users store, send and receive money on their phones. It is a convenient alternative to bank accounts and can be used on basic phones as well as smartphones. 

Q. How do I register for MTN Mobile Money?
A. If you are an MTN customer dial *165# to get started. You will need to create a 5 digit PIN.
If you are not fully registered, please visit the nearest MTN service centre with ID to be registered on MTN Mobile Money.

Q. How do I access MTN Mobile Money?
A. To access MTN Mobile Money dial *165#.
Alternatively, you can also use the MyMTN App. Visit to download it.

 Q. What services can I use MTN Mobile Money for?
A. There are several services available for MTN Mobile Money customers;

  • Send and receive money in Uganda and abroad.
  • Save and borrow money using MoKash
  • Deposit and withdraw from your bank account.
  • Withdraw from ATMs.
  • Pay for MTN Services.
    • MTN bills, airtime, voice and data bundles.
  • Pay for goods and services.
  • Pay for utilities like water and UMEME.
  • Donate to cultural institutions and to churches.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can use with my Mobile Money account?   

Minimum Amount to send500
Daily Transaction Limit4,000,000
Maximum Account Balance5,000,000
Minimum Account Balance0

In order to have your account limits reviewed please find additional info here Click Here

Q. What are the rates for using MTN Mobile Money?
A.  The Mobile Money fees are automatically deducted from your account where applicable.
Click here for details of MTN Mobile Money rates.

Q. Can I send money from my MTN Mobile Money account to people on other networks?
A. Yes, you can send money to people on any network within Uganda.
You can also send money to Safaricom MPesa customers in Kenya and MTN Rwanda customers.

Q. Can I use MTN Mobile money if I have no airtime?
A. Yes. You can use MTN Mobile money even if you have no airtime on your phone. The fees  are deducted from your Mobile Money account.

Q. Will I receive interest on my money in my MTN Mobile Money account?
A. No. You will not receive any interest on the money you have in your MTN Mobile Money account. To receive interest you have to activate a MoKash account and save your money in that account.

Q. How safe is my Money on my MTN Mobile Money Account?
A. Your money is safe since every transaction requires your secret PIN before completion.