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Mobile Money

Buying Airtime

​Load airtime on your phone or send airtime to another number direct from your Mobile Money account balanceee. ​

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Sending Money to Another Number

​​​Simply send money off your Mobile Money account to another mobile money account, or send money from your mobile money account to a non-mobile money registered number (of MTN or another network) using a secret code which the receiver will present to an Agent who will cash them.​

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Withdrawing Money

​​We currently have over 20,000 MTN MobileMoney Agents countrywide ensuring you can withdraw money wherever you are. Further, it is possible for both registered Mobile Money users and Non Registered Mobile Money users to withdraw money.​

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International Money Transfer

MTN customers can now receive directly onto their MTN Mobile Money wallets from anywhere in the world through card to mobile transactions. ​
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With MTN Mobile Money you enjoy the convenience of paying for services from your phone.

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School Fees

Simply get the code of your school and select "School Fees" from your pay bill menu and follow the prompts. Your fees will be paid instantly and the school Mobile Money account will receive a notification to this effect in real time.

How to:

To Pay School Fees:

  • Step 1: Dial *165#
  • Step 2: Select Payments
  • Step 3: Select School Fees

If Primary or Secondary School Option:

  • Step 5: Enter Student Number; Student details are then displayed (School name, School code, student's name, class and parent name) and payer is prompted to enter amount.
  • Step 6: Enter Amount(UShs)
  • Step 7: Enter your Mobile Money PIN
  • Step 8: Upon a successful payment, both payer and School Admin receive an inbox notification showing the payment details.

If Tertiary or University Option:

  • Step 5: Enter Student's University then Name and Course
  • Step 6: Enter the Amount (UShs)
  • Step 7: Enter your Mobile Money PIN
  • Step 8: You will receive a confirmation message

List of Schools where you can pay school fees using MTN Mobile Money

 See the List of Schools here. 


See the Mobile Money Tariffs for rates.


To learn more about registering for Mobile Money, call us on 100 or log your request at www.twitter.com/mtnug or www.facebook.com/mtnug, or view the Troubleshooting FAQs section.

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Financial Services

​​MTN Mobile Money allows you to perform several financial services conveniently from your phone as follows - ATM Cash Out, Transfer Money to Bank Account, Get Money from Bank Account, Savings and Loans, Quick Cash Loan.​

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Fees and Taxes

​​With Mobile Money you can pay Fees and Taxes to the following: Multiplex parking tickets, Taxes to URA, Fees to KCCA.​​

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​​It is possible to make donations from your phone using MTN Mobile Money. Currently you can make donations to the following - Buganda Kingdom, Tooro Kingdom, Bunyoro Kingdom.​

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My Account

​​​Manage your Mobile Money account easily anytime, anywhere from your phone. You can perform any of the following - Check Balance, Request a Mini-Statement, Change PIN, Manage your list of Favourites, Change Language.​

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