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ATM Cashout

You are able to withdraw Mobile Money from many Crane Bank, Centenary Bank and Bankom ATMs across the country.

How to:

On the phone:

  • Step 1: Dial *165#
  • Step 2: Select Financial Services
  • Step 3: Select ATM Cashout
  • Step 4: Generate a TIN
  • Step 5: Enter your Mobile Money PIN
  • Step 6: You will receive a Cash TIN
  • Step 7: Find nearest Craneback or Interswitch ATM & use TIN to complete Cashout

Note: The TIN Code is only valid for 10 Minutes.

At the ATM Machine:

  • Step 1: Wait or press any button for the Mobile money interface to appear on the screen.
  • Step 2: Select Mobile Money
  • Step 3: Select MTN Mobile Money
  • Step 4: Enter your Phone number
  • Step 5: Enter the Amount you wish to withdraw
  • Step 6: Enter the TIN Code which was sent to you on your phone
  • Step 7: Choose whether or not you require a receipt for your withdraw, then Press OK.
  • Step 8: The Machine will then dispense the cash and the receipt (if requested).
  • Step 9: You will also receive a message on your phone confirming the transaction.


See the Mobile Money Tariffs for rates.

Troubleshooting FAQs​

1. From which ATM mac​​hines can I withdraw MTN Mobile Money?

At all Crane Bank ATMs countrywide. The service will however also be introduced with other bank ATMs in due course.

2. Are there specific times when I can withdraw money from the ATM machines?

No. You have 24 hour access to withdraw your Mobile Money from any Crane bank ATM machines around the country.

3. Do I have priority over other ATM users when I arrive at the ATM machine?

No. You will kindly follow normal waiting procedure in case you find other users already lined up to use the ATM machine. You are advised to only start the transaction of getting a TIN code from your phone when you are next in line to access the ATM machine. The TIN expires after 10 minutes.

4. How long will it take my TIN Code to expire?

A TIN will be received as an SMS message. The TIN Code once generated by a user is only valid for 10 Minutes. One should therefore be close to an ATM before generating the code on his phone.

5. Can I send the TIN code to another person to withdraw money on an ATM?

Yes. You can give another person the TIN to withdraw Money from the ATM machine on your behalf. However they must be sure to be at the ATM within less than 10 minutes since the TIN code expires in 10 minutes. The person sent should also remember to enter your Mobile Number at the ATM when prompted.

6. Does one require a PIN number when withdrawing from an ATM?

No. The PIN is only required when generating the TIN code on the phone. At the ATM machine, only the TIN and Mobile Number of the phone which generated it is required.

7. Is the withdraw service from the ATM machine Free of charge?

No. The Mobile Money system will automatically charge you for the withdrawal once the transaction is successful.

8. Does the bank also charge me a withdraw Fee?

No. The bank does not charge you any withdraw fees. You are only charged through your Mobile Money for each withdrawal.

9. Who bears the Charges for ATM withdrawal?

All charges are borne by the person who has generated the TIN code and whose number is entered at the ATM machine.

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