Call barring

You can prevent incoming and restrict outgoing calls from your mobile phone whenever it suits you using the call barring feature.​ More »

Call diverting

​​The call diverting service lets you forward your calls to any other number or to your voicemail when your battery is low, your phone is off or you are unreachable.​

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Call waiting

​​​Call waiting makes it possible for you to have an active call with another on hold, which you can then switch between.​

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Caller line identity

​​With Caller Line Identity, your mobile phone sends and displays your number on all the mobile phones you call or SMS.​

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Conference calling

​​As an MTN customer, you can use conference calling to connect up to three calls simultaneously.​

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Emergency call

​​When you are in emergency situation and you need assistance from the police, alert them through our emergency service.​

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MTN Conference bridge

​​Instead of making multiple calls, why not just have multiple callers? With MTN Conference Bridge, you can have a voice conference with more than 20 people. ​

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MTN Who Called

​​Even if your mobile phone is off, with MTN Who Called, you’ll be notified by SMS about the different people who tried to call you while you were unreachable.​

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MTN VoiceMail

Get your own personal assistant with MTN Voice Mail, a service that takes your calls and messages when you can’t. ​​​

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