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MTN BackUp

​​MTN BackUp ensures that your personal data, such as SIM contacts, calendar and notes, are safe and secure.​

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MTN Magic Voice

​​Brighten someone’s day no matter what you say with MTN Magic Voice, a service that alters your voice into one of many fun characters.​

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MTN Radio

​​MTN Radio offers a large collection of songs in a variety of languages, genres and moods, allowing everyone to enjoy the music of their choice.​

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MTN CallerTunez

​​​With MTN CallerTunez, there are no more boring dialling tones; now you can have your favourite song play for callers instead.​

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MTN VoiceChat

​​​Chat anonymously with your friends and peers with MTN Voice Chat.​

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Loyalty programmes

​​We love having you as a customer and appreciate your continued support; to show you just how much, we have several ways of saying thank you!​

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MTN BackUp provides a secure backup and update as well as a device sync and restore. This keeps your private information and data secure and protected in the event that you need a SIM replacement/swap in cases of:

  • loss of SIM card/phone,
  • damage to SIM card/phone or
  • SIM card upgrade.

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