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MTN Kazi

​MTN Kazi is a service for small and medium businesses (SME) and SoHo which provides calling minutes, SMS and data that you can share with your colleagues, partners or employees to enable smoother running of your business.

The Kazi package includes MTN minutes, minutes to other Networks, MTN SMS, and SMS to other Networks, as well as data/Internet that are loaded on one Main number, and shared automatically on loading, with other numbers (Secondary numbers) attached to the Main number. All numbers in the sharing group can also call each other for free as long as there is a valid bundle on the Main number.

The bundle is valid for 30 days, which means that Kazi gives you the ability to maintain a fixed monthly communication budget for your business.

You can also use Kazi bundles if you are a group of people sharing office or shop space, so as to save on airtime or communication expenses. The minimum number of users is 4, and the maximum is 16.​

Once signed up, you can buy a bundle or check balance by dialing *160*81#, or by logging into the MyMTN​ ​app on your smartphone, under MySelfService>More MTN Services>MTN KaziAccount.​