Internet & Connectivity

Private APNS

  • Various packages available
  • Access to MTN’s core data network.
  • Secured Public APN


Your business can control, secure, and allow access to their information and resources yet ensure that their workforce is mobile at the same time

An APN (Access Point Name) enables IP connectivity over the GSM network. The Public APN can be accessed by devices with Internet connectivity, while the Private APN is used for data traffic to specific destinations that are not accessible over the Internet.

The MTN Private APN service enables clients to have their traffic sent from mobile devices (such as POS (point of sale) terminals, bank ATMs and utility meters) to application servers at specific destinations such as bank headquarters, or utility company offices by using a specific APN (Access Point Name).

In addition to applications in telemetry and remote banking, MTN’s Private APN service can also be used for communications in car tracking and fleet management systems, and to provide access to office and other internal applications through a secure connection on MTN’s superior 3G/4G LTE network.


  • Easy remote access to corporate documents and applications
  • Secure transmission of traffic, as confidential documents are not transmitted through the public internet
  • Increased productivity for the mobile sales force, as POS devices can be queried remotely for sales reports, and mobile employees don’t have to go to headquarters to provide reports.
  • Easy communication with remote devices such as ATMs, utility meters and car tracking units.