What is MTN Xtra Float?

This is a service that MTN Mobile Money agents can use to borrow float.

MTN Mobile Money Agents can now get MTN Xtra Float worth UGX 50,000, 100,000 and 250,000 at a fee of UGX 300. MTN Xtra Float has to be paid back in 48 hours.

MTN Mobile Money Agents have to pay back the money in time to avoid a penalty of 3,000shs charged against your commission.

How to use

To get MTN Xtra Float, an agent should Simply dial *165*5# and follow the steps.


MTN Xtra Float is instant and convenient. The Agent gets it right on their phone.

Accessing MTN Xtra Float is a simple process. No signing various documents.

With MTN Xtra Float the agent ensures business continuity thus ensuring happy customers.

The service is very affordable. The Xtra Float attracts a very small fee of UGX 300.

How to

Download the MoMo App

Available in on Android and iOS.

Download from Apple App Store Download from Google Play store