Sponsorship; Afrigo Band – Teri Mubi Album Launch

Beneficiary; Afrigo Band

Dates; 11th Oct 2019

Rationale; Partnering with Afrigo to promote Ugandan Music


Founded in 1975, The Afrigo Band is still to date the oldest and favorite local band offering Ugandans cultural flavored beats throughout the regions across East Africa covering, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi. The band was formed by a group of eight musicians led by their band leader, vocalist, and alto saxophonist, Moses Matovu, who turned 70years continues to lead the band on its 44th anniversary as the oldest member, Playing to their fans at home in Uganda, the group tours regularly in Europe and the United States to play to Ugandans in the Diaspora.

In October this year, we announced our sponsorship for Afrigo band’s new album called ‘Teri Mubi’ at MTN Nyonyi Gardens in Kololo. The press conference that was attended by Afrigo band members, the media and MTN staff among others. . Afrigo Band went on to host fans to a special concert on 11th October 2019 at hotel Africana.


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