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Data Bundle Management

•Automatic Software updates
This happens after a certain period and it’s carried out by the device manufactures to maintain and improve of the performance of devices while in use. Heavy device software updates are pushed and consumes a lot of data, any restricted and unfinished update will haunt the customer’s data until it completes.

•Content/Media Auto -Backup.
All device have a backup enabled feature to allow storage of device files incase a customer needs them after some time. For android devices, it has Google drive while iOS devices have iCloud drive. These drives backup every content starting from Media files, Mails, Contacts, App information etc.

•Social media content now in HD
Facebook and Instagram have also upgraded to HD resolution which is crisper and offers more detailed visual resolution.However, the higher renderingHD uses more data. As a result, normal browsing on Facebook and Instagram would cost a user more than it used to when these platforms were on standard resolution.

​​​​​•Media content(video, photos) sharing

Instant messaging platforms have become one of the many modes of communication forsharing content such as photos and videos. While this might appear to be cost effective, many users are unaware that sending videos and pictures consumes data bundles, and this can escalate to up to 16Mb per message.

•Background running apps.
Devices tend to consume data by running background applications without the customer’s consent, this happens when the Application refreshes to allow real-time delivery of messages, contents and better functional of applications.

•LTE connection.
With LTE/4G, customers are assured of fastest data internet speeds and are able to download more data in less than they used before. With good speeds, media/content downloads are easily performed easily by the customers on their devices, this whole process in good but costly interms of data