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Mobile Internet Bundles

​​Enjoy the freedom to browse the internet on your terms at a price you choose by purchasing a data bundle.​

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Get Internet Settings

Ensure your mobile phone has the correct settings it needs in order to access the internet.

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MTN Social Bundles

MTN Social Bundles

MTN Social Data Bundles are designed to give customers access to Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook.

Whether you need access for a day or a week, we have you covered without Social Bundles.



Access to Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook for 24 hours or 7 days.

Ability to download pictures on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.


How to activate


Frequently asked questions

What is WTF?

Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook


What does Whatsapp or Twitter or Facebook at 200/- give me?

24 hours of Whatsapp or Twitter or Facebook only capped at 50MB.


Can a customer browse using this bundle?

No. The bundle will only give you access to Whatsapp.


What is WTF at 500/-?

This is a combo bundle of Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook that gives you 24hours of these services capped at 100MB.


Can I download Photos and Videos?



What happens if I finish my limit of 100MB or 50MB before the 24hours elapse?

You can buy another social bundle or your normal bundle will be consumed.


Customers can aslo activate a weekly bundle at 2,000shs only. 

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