MTN App Challenge

The MTN APP Challenge is a 3 day event in which local innovators come together to create Mobile Applications for use on Mobile devices i.e. Phones & Tablets.

The MTN App challenge is back and we are very excited as we look forward to seeing GREAT Talent at Work!

In the 2nd edition of the MTN App challenge, we are once again partnering with Outbox, in a 3 day Hackathon event which will see talent from all over the country innovate and create Mobile Applications in various categories.

Registering for the MTN App challenge 2017

Registration FREEClichere ​to register.

Note: By registering and applying to participate in the MTN App Challenge 2017, you accept the Terms and Conditions here.

  • Deadline for registration: 28 April 2017.
  • All successful entrants shall be notified by 4th May.
  • If one registers but does not receive an acceptance confirmation by 4th May, they shall not be eligible to participate in the challenge.
  • Acceptance confirmation will be via E-mail or Phone call.


This year registration will be in teams. Each team should comprise of at-least four individuals and a maximum of five (5) with the following skill-sets/roles: UI/UX creative designer, software developer, marketer and project manager. We shall select a maximum of up-to twenty (20) teams to participate.​

Description of roles:​

  • Developers: you fit here if you know how to create code in different languages. You can plan technical architecture for complex Mobile Apps and test the outcome.
  • Designers: you fit here if you know HTML/CSS/JS/AJAX and call yourself a front end designer and/or you are graphic designer for either websites or software
  • Marketers - every business needs marketing ideas from the beginning. You fit here if your blood runs for sales, marketing and making products fly and reach the target audience.
  • Project Managers and visionaries: You fit here if you have awesome IT ideas that you want to make happen. You can organize teams by structuring the work to be done, ensuring they have the necessary resources and are vigilant on the quality of work delivered.


The MTN APP Challenge will focus on creation of Mobile Applications under the following themes:

  1. M-Health:  Apps to access health services from the Phone
  2. M- Media &Entertainment: Apps to enable Entertainment on the phone: e.g Music, Games, Images, etc
  3. M-Education: Apps that extend consumption of education on the phone
  4. M-Finance: Apps that  extend a type of financial services to low income segment via the phone
  5. M-Agriculture: Apps that support the Agriculture industry 

Awards and Prizes:

There will be Awards to recognize participants in the following categories:

  • Best M-Health App: An original concept to address a key need accessing health services in Uganda and a potential to be used by many individuals
  • Best M-Education: App with the most potential to address a need in the Education sector
  • Best M-Media &Entertainment: Most original concept for Entertainment on the phone
  • Best M-Finance: Original concept in extending financial services to low income segment via the phone
  • Best M-Agriculture: Original concept in enabling Agricultural services on the phone
  • Overall Winner: out of the winning Apps in the categories above, this is an  Application identified as most aligned to MTN's current objectives in Enterprise, Consumer, Financial and Digital services
  • Audience's Favorite: this application will be chosen by the audience as the a favorite

All Awards will be chosen and given out on the 14th May 2017 as per the event program.


i)      Overall Winner:

  • Certificate of Recognition for each team member 

ii)      Best M-Health App, Best M-Education, Best M-Media &Entertainment, and Best M-Finance, Best M-Agriculture:

Each of these Awards will receive the following: 

  • $1,000
  • Certificate of Recognition for each team member
  • Commercialization through MTN
  • 1GB internet to all team members for 3 months
  • A Smartphone for each team member 

iii)    Audience's Favorite

  • Certificate of Recognition for each team member
  • 1GB internet to all team members for 3 months
  • Commercialization through MTN
  • A smart Phone for each team member

Key dates:​ ​ 

  • Applications close: 28th April 2017
  • Communication to selected teams: 4th May 2017
  • MTN App Challenge event: 12th May  - 14th  May 2017
CLICK here for Terms and Conditions.


For more information, check documents below;