General Manager-Risk and Compliance

​Vacancy: General Manager-Risk and Compliance

No of Positions:  1

Reporting to: Chief Executive Officer

Division: Risk and Compliance


Main Purpose of the Job:

To implement a comprehensive second line assurance function and framework for the Company and its Board of Directors. The purpose is to effectively manage all risk exposures of internal or external nature (strategic, operational, compliance, financial, technology, external etc) and ensure the existence of effective internal processes and policies in general and specifically in relation to compliance to laws and regulations across the MTN Footprint. The role is responsible for overseeing risk-taking/ risk management activities across the Company as well as the implementation of all aspects of the risk and compliance function, including implementation of processes, tools, and systems to identify, assess, measure, manage monitor and report risks.


Prime Responsibilities of the position:

  • Implement the Group Risk management framework in the operating Company for MTN to effectively manage all risk exposures (opportunity, hazard, uncertainty etc) that pose an internal or external threat (political, economic, financial, market, international) to the business, its people and assets.
  • Implement the Group compliance framework for MTN to effectively manage compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and a common set of policies and procedures.
  • Manage the risk to the operating company, its employees, customers, reputation, assets, and interests of stakeholders.
  • Assist in the development of and manage processes to identify and evaluate business areas' risks and risk and control self-assessments.
  • Build a risk-aware culture in the operating company by providing ongoing education and appropriate briefing and training.
  • Investigate and research emerging risks and trends in the industry advising management where appropriate.
  • Implement appropriate systems for monitoring the effectiveness of all the risk management services and compliance; and present findings to the relevant parties and governance structures (MTN Group, Opco CEO, Opco ExCo, OpCo ARC etc).
  • Manage the process for elevating/escalating control risks to more senior levels when appropriate.
  • Effective management of the corporate risk and control assessment reporting process as well as management and maintenance of the infrastructure elements.
  • Analyze all costs associated with risk non-compliance, maintenance, and prevention.
  • Ensure risk evaluation, which involves comparing estimated risks with criteria established by the company such as costs, legal requirements and environmental factors, and evaluating the company's previous handling of risks.
  • Ensure corporate governance involving external risk reporting to stakeholders.
  • Ensure effective implementation of the disaster recovery, business continuity, risk management, and access controls frameworks in the operating company.
  • Ensure effective implementation of insurance risk management framework and strategies including the establishment of appropriate and effective claims management processes.
  • Develop and implement security policies, protocols and procedures to ensure that the employees, assets, and buildings remain protected.
  • Implement the Opco Ethics management program to ensure that the company conducts business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. 
  • Implement mechanisms to training, monitor and test compliance to all laws and regulations in the compliance universe of the operating company.
  • Provide recommendations to enhance the Company's Risk and Compliance Management's road-map, policy, framework, methodology, and system.
  • Conduct Post Investment Reviews of major CAPEX to ascertain whether proposal cost benefits are being realized and report to Senior Management.
  • Establish and chair risk and compliance management governance fora and act as the accountable head for chairing and monitoring such forums.
  • Develop strategies for ensuring future compliance and mitigation of risk i.e. Material legislations, fines and reporting requirements for various regulators (also includes JSE).
  • Develop and present risk and compliance management plans, status and issues to Opco and Group governance structures as required.
  • Collaboratively work with Group, Regional, and other Opco's risk and compliance functions to enhance overall risk and compliance management posture of MTN as a whole.
  • Establish a continuous improvement mechanism to enhance the maturity level of risk management and compliance processes within the Opco.
  • Establish and lead high-performance diverse teams to achieve MTN risk management objectives.

The applicant must possess the following;

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (DBA/ Degree in Risk Management/ Bachelors in Finance or other related disciplines).
  • Minimum 4 years Academic Degree with Post Graduate MBA/ Masters will be an added advantage.
  • Proficient with MS Office application especially Excel and PowerPoint.



  • 8-10 years of Senior Management experience in a Telecoms industry.
  • Significant experience in evaluating the Policies associated with complex/ emerging business and operational processes.
  • Experience in audit/ compliance and Risk management is mandatory.
  • Experience in People management is required.


Training & Knowledge:

  • Risk Management.
  • Audit Methodology and Management.
  • Relationship management.
  • Executive Development Program Training.

Other attributes:

  • Business Acumen.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Information processing.
  • Data interpretation and Reporting.
  • Good communication skills and Presentation skills.
  • Innovative and Agile.
  • Influencing others.

Interested candidates should email their Job Applications addressed to the GM-Human Resources, with detailed CVs, certified copies of academic certificates (originals are to be presented at the interview), to, not later than Tuesday, 02nd April 2019.

NB: Please note that the presentation of false academic documents and certification will lead to criminal prosecution. Any form of canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.

Only successful candidates will be contacted.