Welcome to MTN GoGames; a world of fun and adventure.

Games for everyone

With the famous games you have known like Ludo, Chess, Hide & Seek, Snakes and Ladders to the Ugandan games like Kwepena, Dulu, Mweso, and Matatu. There is so much fun for everybody.

What is your genre? There are games for everybody. We have action, sports, puzzles, family, strategy, racing, Adventure and so much more.

Over 100 free games.

Play over 100 games everywhere you go, on your phone with no subscription or MBs needed. Just click on and register to play now. 30 new games are added every month so you never get bored.

No MBs, No subscription needed

No monkey tricks, when you visit MTN GoGames, all MTN customers get 100 MBs every day to play games free. No need to pay any subscription fees.

No space?  No problem.

With MTN GoGames, you get to play games on your smartphone browser and therefore do not need to install heavy apps that you won’t use every day. It will work with almost any browser e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and many others.

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