MTN Business Data Bundles enable you to get on to the internet on the go, so you don’t have to be tied to a fixed location, using an MTN SIM card and a data-enabled handset, smartphone, tablet or USB modem. This service is offered through devices compatible with our country wide 4G LTE, 3G+ and 3G networks.


  • Control over spending, as you purchase the bundle that suits your needs
  • Countrywide coverage so you can access the Internet across Uganda
  • Cheaper than using the per kB (out of bundle) option


  • A wide range of connectivity options including 2G, 3G, 3G+ and 4G LTE (FDD).
  • A wide range of data volume bundles to choose from including daily, weekly and monthly bundles.
  • Postpaid customers can also request a monthly top up of any bundle of their choice.
  •  Bundles can be activated in bulk using the MTN Business Bulk activation service.

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