Receive payments safely and conveniently

Increase your efficiency with this Fund Collection service for business. Enable your customers to conveniently send Mobile Money to your business account, from wherever they are.

It is recommended for school fees collections, invoice or bill payments from customers and group contributions like tithe, savings and investment funds.


  • Minimise delays by enabling customers and partners to send funds from wherever they are
  • Transfer funds to your bank account, pay salaries, utility bills or suppliers conveniently directly from your collection account
  • Track and manage your account transactions online

How it works

  1. Sign up your business for this service
  2. A unique Collection Code which is also the company mobile money account number is activated to allow clients conveniently send funds from anywhere
  3. Your company can have multiple collection accounts/codes for different purposes
  4. No commission is earned on this account by the collection account/code company
  5. You also get access to the online Mobile Money portal to view your transaction statements


  • The mode of payment differs depending on the nature of the payment being made
  • Your fund collection account is charged 2% of the total value collected from payees using the MTN Mobile Money
  • Charges are incurred by the sender and the fund collection account owner

Charges paid by the sender

Transaction Tiers (UGX)
Min Max MTN Fund Collection Transaction Fees (UGX)
500 2,500 110
2,501 5,000 140
5,001 15,000 500
15,001 30,000 500
30,001 45,000 500
45,001 60,000 550
60,001 125,000 660
125,001 250,000 950
250,001 500,000 1,250
500,001 1,000,000 3,200
1,000,001 2,000,000 5,500
2,000,001 4,000,000 10,000



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