L-R Mackinon Kabarole, MTN Uganda Senior Manager Consumer Segment with MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer, Somdev Sen and Ian Mugambe, MTN Segment Manager-High Value Products.

MTN Uganda introduced its latest smartphone offerings with its partnership with TakeNow, offering its valued customers a wider range of choices. Through this strategic collaboration, MTN customers will now have access to an extensive selection of Tecno, Itel, and Infinix smartphones in the open market, coupled with the exclusive benefits of MTN Uganda’s renowned connectivity services.

To further enhance this customer-centric initiative, MTN Uganda will be offering free data (1GB) every month throughout the repayment period, enabling customers to experience seamless connectivity and make the most of their smartphones.

Somdev Sen, the Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Uganda, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with TakeNow to bring a wider range of smartphone choices to our esteemed customers. At MTN, our focus has always been on delivering exceptional value and convenience to our customers, and this partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to offer industry-leading connectivity solutions. By expanding the smartphone options through Tecno, Itel, and Infinix, we are providing our customers with more opportunities to find their ideal device that fits their lifestyle.”

Under the MTN Pay Mpola Mpola scheme, customers can easily acquire their desired smartphone by making an affordable initial payment, usually 40% of the total cost, and walk away with the device. The remaining balance can then be paid in manageable monthly installments over a period of 6 months. This flexible payment option ensures that customers can enjoy the latest technology without financial strain.

These exciting offerings will be available in all open market device selling shops that feature Tecno, Itel, and Infinix smartphones, providing easy accessibility to MTN customers across the country. By partnering with TakeNow, MTN Uganda is furthering its commitment to becoming the largest and most valuable business platform in the continent, as outlined in the Ambition 2025 strategy.

“We firmly believe that this partnership will enhance our customers’ overall experience by empowering them with a broader range of affordable smartphones,” added Somdev Sen. “Together with Tecno, Itel, and Infinix, we are creating a stronger ecosystem that caters to our customers’ diverse needs, allowing them to stay connected and make progress in this digital age. At MTN, we are dedicated to enabling our customers’ balanced life, and these new smartphones are a testament to that commitment.”

“With this partnership, every Ugandan can get a Tecno, Itel, and Infinix smartphone on loan,” Ronald Mugulusi, Sales Director, TakeNow said. “With a small initial deposit, you can walk away with your favorite smartphone and pay the balance Mpola Mpola, plus these phones come with free MTN 7GB worth of data.”

MTN Uganda remains committed to providing innovative solutions that empower its customers and contribute to Africa’s digital progress. Through partnerships and collaborations like this one with TakeNow, MTN continues to reinforce its position as a leader in the telecommunications industry.

DeviceDevice memoryOpen market priceRepayment periodInitial paymentMonthly payment
Infinix Hot-30i128 + 4424,0006 months169,60067,840
Tecno POP-7 Pro64 + 4407,0006 months162,80065,120
Tecno POP-7 Pro64 + 3383,0006 months153,20061,280
Tecno spark-10128 + 8538,0006 months215,20086,080
Tecno spark-10128 + 4458,0006 months183,20073,280

MTN Uganda has announced its partnership with Tooro Kingdom for the highly anticipated second edition of the Masaza Football and Bicycle Racing Tournament. With a commitment of over Shs150 million in sponsorship, MTN is dedicated to fostering healthy living and sports development among the youth in Tooro Kingdom.

The Masaza Football and Bicycle Racing Tournament, organized by Tooro Kingdom, is set to attract audiences as it runs concurrently across the nine counties of the kingdom for two months. This initiative serves as a catalyst for engaging the youth in sports activities and providing them with a platform to channel their energy into healthy pursuits. MTN Uganda believes in the transformative power of sports to uplift communities and empower individuals.

According to official kingdom figures, 15 out of every 100 people in Tooro are affected by HIV/AIDS, emphasizing the urgency of raising awareness about the disease and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Rt Hon Prime Minister Stephen Kiyingi Amooti, highlighted the significance of this tournament in combating this issue. He stated, “Our King HM Oyo Kabamba Iguru has dedicated a lot of his own time and effort to ensure that youths take the reins of leadership in every sphere and area where they are found, but this can only be achieved if they embrace a healthy lifestyle.”

MTN Uganda, as the main sponsor of the tournament, is deeply committed to rallying the subjects of King Oyo towards a healthier way of life. John Paul Okwi, the Head of Sponsorships and Events at MTN, expressed the company’s dedication to this cause. He emphasized, “We call upon all the subjects of King Oyo to embrace sports as we raise our voices and encourage the youth to prioritize their well-being by taking good care of themselves, both physically and mentally.”

The Masaza Football and Bicycle Racing Tournament not only promotes healthy living but also aligns with Tooro Kingdom’s strategic development agenda. Michael Wandera, the Tooro Kingdom Minister for Sports, commended MTN for their consistent partnership and support. Wandera stated, “We appreciate the partnership with MTN, which aims to promote healthy well-being among the youths of Tooro through sports.”

As an organization deeply rooted in corporate social responsibility, MTN Uganda remains committed to empowering communities and fostering positive change. The collaboration with Tooro Kingdom for the Masaza Football and Bicycle Racing Tournament showcases MTN’s dedication to uplifting the youth and promoting a healthy lifestyle through the spirit of sports.