Our Code of Ethics. 

We must conduct all our affairs with uncompromising honesty, integrity, diligence,  and professionalism. This is our guiding principle. 

The MTN Uganda Code of Ethics (the “Code”) codifies our core values,  provides moral guidelines and essential principles for all staff and stakeholders to  understand and follow. It applies to all employees and partners – everyone at  every level that works for or does business with MTN. The Code governs all  decision-making processes that affect the business. 

While no written code can provide rules that cover every situation or ethical  dilemma, ours serves as a guide for each of us. It reinforces our commitment to  do the right thing, empowering us to take action and make the right decisions. 

For occasions not explicitly covered by the Code, we abide by the golden rule – ‘Do unto others as you would have them do to you.’ 

Where the right course of action is not clear, we advise that guidance is sought  from a senior employee or the Compliance & Ethics Helpline. To report concerns  about unethical conduct, kindly use any of the following dedicated  whistleblowing channels, all communication is confidential: 

❖ Call: +27 83 123 7867 

❖ Email: anoymous@tip-offs.net 

❖ Website: www.tip-offs.com 

Compliance with Laws and Regulations.  

We do business in full compliance with the laws of Uganda and relevant  international laws. 

Conflict of Interest. 

We take our responsibilities and obligations to the company seriously, and we  have processes in place to help us identify and manage any potential conflicts  of interest.


Corporate Governance. 

Effective and transparent corporate governance keeps our business in line with  global best practice and helps us maintain and conserve our physical, financial  and intellectual resources while maximizing shareholders returns. 

We also have controls in place, through institutions and dedicated management  positions, to help us assess and manage risks to the business and to our people. 

Customer service 

We are fiercely committed to delivering consistently high-quality service to our  customers. We owe them service that is fair, courteous and professional; and  superior products that meet or exceed their expectations. 

We respect every customer’s right to privacy. They entrust us with their personal  information, and it is our duty to protect it. 

Vendors and suppliers 

We select our vendors and suppliers through a transparent process based on  objective criteria and evidence. Our vendors and suppliers must uphold our  ethical principles and comply with local and international laws. 


We support and respect the human rights of our employees in our workplace.  Therefore, we; 

  • Provide a healthy, safe and non-threatening workplace to each and every employee.
  • Treat all people with respect and dignity, regardless of their position in the company.
  • Demonstrate zero-tolerance for harassment and intimidation of any kind • Guarantee the right to freedom of association and
  • Respect our employees’ privacy and the confidentiality of their information.


Our business communications are honest, accurate and timely. We never  comment unfavorably on our competitors’ products, management or operations. 

We are dedicated to brightening the lives of our people and contributing to the  socioeconomic development of all communities in Uganda. We support  democratic institutions, engage NGOs and policy groups, and find ways to uplift  local communities through our Foundation. We are compliant with Uganda 

environmental laws and hold ourselves accountable to the UN Global Compact  on human rights, labour standards, environmental responsibility and anti corruption. 

Employee conduct 

At all times, we are professional and competent, we respect the traditions and  culture of all people, and we refrain from behaviour that is offensive, intimidating,  malicious or discriminatory. 

Responsibilities for ethics 

We encourage our stakeholders to take personal responsibility for upholding the  MTN Uganda Code of Ethics, but we also have formal structures in place to assist  with compliance. 


MTN Uganda (MTNU) is committed to a culture of zero-tolerance toward fraud,  bribery, corruption, misappropriation and illegal activity throughout the  organization. MTNU recognizes the importance of having procedures and a  facility in place whereby employees and other stakeholders can safely report  instances of fraud, misconduct, illegal activities, or other irregularities. 

Whistleblowing has the potential to be seen as an adverse activity as individuals  who speak up against possible fraud, misconduct or any illegal activity may be  branded as troublemakers. MTNU sees whistleblowing differently, regarding it as a  positive practice that assists the organization to detect incidents of fraud,  misconduct, and illegal activity early. It enables MTNU to limit or prevent financial  and reputational damage to the company, provides MTNU the opportunity to  prevent future occurrences and take corrective measures against individuals who  perform illegal acts. 

Through speedy identification, investigation, resolution and mitigation of fraud  incidents, MTNU can ensure that our profitability and revenue streams are  safeguarded to ensure that the company and employees alike prosper.

 Through relevant policy we encourage employees to report any incidents of  fraud, misconduct, bribery, corruption, misappropriation, or illegality against  MTNU by any internal or external party. This is done through the utilization of  available reporting procedures and facilities. Further, employees or individuals  who have reported such incidents to MTNU in good faith and without malicious  intent may do so without fear of reprisal. 

MTNU undertakes to protect employees against any operational detriment or  reprisals resulting from whistleblowing in the workplace. 

To report concerns about unethical conduct and fraudulent activities, kindly use  any of the following dedicated whistleblowing channels, all communication is  confidential: 

Email: annoymous@tip-offs.net 

Phone: +27 831 237 867 

Website: www.tip-offs.com