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Projects considered should fulfil certain selection criteria.

We will only consider projects that:

  • Are in line with the MTN Uganda Foundation’s vision, mission and objectives
  • Show a clear statement of intent
  • Have demonstrative support from project beneficiaries, that is, the community it is located in or intends to support
  • Have done a preliminary feasibility study, which supports such a project
  • Contain a core Ugandan/African subject and are non-profit orientated

We will not consider projects that fall under the following categories:

  • Start-up and general organisational costs
  • Buildings, physical infrastructure and/or equipment that is not part of a sponsorship project
  • Donations to individuals
  • Payment of school fees
  • Tours, overseas trips, transport, conferences and seminars
  • Projects initiated by or benefiting commercial organisations
  • Projects whose research/content/scope falls outside Uganda
  • Projects whose beneficiaries are outside Uganda
  • Projects that benefit one group
  • Projects that are political, partisan, tribal or racist
How we operate

Applicants may tender their proposals at any point during the course of the year. However, the Executive Committee will sit to consider applications quarterly, and those received at that point will be considered.

Assessments of the funding proposal may include a visit to the project by the Executive Committee. Once a successful assessment has been completed, the shortlist of possible projects will be forwarded to the MTN Uganda Foundation board for consideration, and only considered and shortlisted project applicants will be contacted. The MTN Uganda Foundation Board of Trustees shall consider the requests and take a decision on which ones will be funded by the foundation.

If successful, the applying organisation will be expected to maintain regular contact with MTN Uganda.

The following will be expected:
  • A signed contract with the MTN Uganda Foundation
  • Management reports
  • Financial reports on funds allocated and accountability for the funds
  • Developmental decisions
  • Changes in address, contact numbers or email
  • Changes in management complement
  • Acknowledgement of both our funding and partnership in all publicity and publicity material relating to the project on the basis of the contractual agreement. The MTN logo should appear in/on all published/publicity material and at all public events relating to the project
  • Exclusive merchandising rights at all events and functions that are associated with the sponsored project. Should the MTN Uganda Foundation identify a secondary sponsor, then the merchandising will be shared between the secondary sponsor and MTN Uganda Foundation on the basis of their contribution to that particular project, although MTN Uganda Foundation shall retain the final decision on the merchandising space allocation in respect of the secondary sponsor of a particular project
  • A final report, which would include a summary of the entire project and a detailed financial report

NB: The decisions of the executive committee will also be guided by the following needs:

  • To have a project in at least each of the streams
  • To have a project in each region
  • To strike a balance between assisted communities (for example, women, children and youth)
Format for applications
  • Only standard project proposal templates containing a background and detailed description of project content, scope, intended beneficiaries and requirements will be considered
  • The application should be in English, clear and articulate
List of requirements

Shortlisted projects may be required to submit the following:

Individuals applying in their personal capacity must submit two referrals from recognised authorities in their field
Copy of company registration, certificate of incorporation and company profile, if applicable
Breakdown of the financial statements or budget of the intended project, which must include a list of other sponsors and amounts granted for previous and current year sponsorships, if applicable
Documentary proof of other collaborating sponsors, if applicable
Copy of independent evaluation of your organisation, if one has been done
CV or fact sheet of the applicant or applying organisation

Current projects

We currently have no ongoing projects.​​



Provide details about your initiative to partner with us today for a better tomorrow.

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