Hon. Nambeshe Applauds MTN Uganda and Salam Charity for Fostering Unity during Ramadan

12 April 2022

The Manjiya MP, Hon. John Baptist Nambeshe commended MTN Uganda and Salam Charity’s Ramadan drive for fostering unity among all religions through their Ramadan charity drive. This was at the just concluded Iftar dinner held last weekend at the Wash and Wills Hotel in Mbale. 

At the Iftar dinner where Nambeshe was the chief guest, he thanked MTN and Salam TV for not only reaching out to the Muslim community but for also extending a caring heart to people of all faiths as the Muslim fraternity observes the holy month of Ramadan through fasting and sharing.

“I was pleasantly challenged by the fact that MTN Uganda and Salam Charity are not segregating any community or group of people. I really thank you so much on behalf of my people from Bududa, they are so appreciative, and the district Khadi was overwhelmed by your kindness. we pray that you keep it up,” Nambeshe said while making his remarks at the Iftar dinner in Mbale.

The dinner followed a handover of alms to the Muslim communities in the Eastern districts of Mbale and Busia. Prior to this, MTN Uganda alongside Salam Charity delivered alms to the office of the Supreme Kadhi in Ndeeba where all the county Sheikhs and Imams in Kampala took part. The team also reached out to the district Khadi in Kawempe.

Since 2017, MTN Uganda has worked with Salam Charity to reach out to the Muslim fraternity across the country during Ramadan. This year’s Ramadan project is being executed under the theme; “A giving heart”, as a way of fostering benevolence as the country recovers from the effects of the nearly two-year-long Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. 

As has been the norm, MTN Uganda and Salam Charity launched this year’s Ramadan season with a dinner at Hotel Africana at the beginning of the fasting season to reaffirm their unity with the Muslim fraternity as they undertake one of the crucial pillars of their faith.

MTN Uganda’s Ian Mugambe said that; “The alms handover is specifically targeting the less privileged and refugee communities across the country.”

The alms comprise assorted items including; rice, baking flour, sugar, salt, cooking oil and soap among others. 

In this week’s alms handovers that start tomorrow, MTN Uganda and Salam Charity will deliver alms to the Luzira Prisons and the Imam Forum in Kampala before moving to the Isingiro and Kisoro refugee camps in western Uganda. Another dinner shall be held at the Lake View hotel in Mbarara for the Muslim fraternity in the region.

As was the case last year, MTN has brought back the special Ramadan bundles offer to ease communication during the fasting period. At only 500/=, all its customers will get 30 MTN minutes and 100MBs valid from midnight to 5am. This offer is open to all MTN customers; Muslims and non-muslims alike.

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