‘Kengere ya BBS ne MTN’ Bicycle Challenge among Buganda counties set for February 2022

07 January 2022

Kengere ya BBS ne MTNRevival of bicycle racing competitions in Buganda is underway as MTN Uganda in partnership with Buganda-owned television; BBS Terefayina, has today launched the Kengere ya BBS ne MTN’ bicycle challenge scheduled for 5th and 6th February 2022.

Coined Kengere ya BBS ne MTN, the bicycle racing competition which will be broadcast live on BBS Terefayina, will encompass all the 18 counties (Masaza) of Buganda with the goal of promoting unity and strengthening culture in the kingdom.

The competition will draw participation of representatives from all the 18 counties of Buganda who gather in Buddu where the challenge will take place.

Each county (Ssaza) team will be selected by the cycling committee in consultation with the respective county sports committees from the various local competitions they organize.

Speaking during the launch held at the BBS Terefayina studios in Bulange Mengo today, Ronald Muwaya the MTN Uganda Trade Marketing Coordinator said that MTN Uganda is honored to be involved in such a noble cause for it ties in directly with the telecom’s business pillar of togetherness.

“At MTN, we believe that the community is the bedrock of success in any society, hence our dedication to drive shared growth, unity and prosperity in all our partnerships. Today is no different. Kengere ya BBS ne MTN seeks to cultivate socio-economic development and transformation amongst the people of Buganda,” he said.

Kengere ya BBS ne MTN was earlier launched in May 2021 in commemoration of the five-year existence of BBS Terefayina, however, the competition was affected by the emergence of the Delta variant of the coronavirus which pushed the country into lockdown.

The Ppokino of Buddu, Owek. Jude Muleke lauded MTN’s efforts in strengthening relationships with the communities in which it operates noting that the bicycle challenge will bear fruit in breeding unity in the different counties of Buganda.

“For more than five years now, BBS Terefayina continues to provide quality services thanks in part to partnerships such as this one with MTN, which hinges on spurring socio-economic growth of the community. Through this partnership, we hope to entrench cultural roots in the people of Buganda to ensure fortitude of the kingdom,” he noted.

Previously held and relished as a social event in Buganda Kingdom, Bicycling commonly referred to as Obugaali became obsolete and was only revived in November 2020, following the creation of the Buganda Cycling Committee.

According to the Ppokino, Kengere ya BBS ne MTN challenge is a step in the right direction towards reviving the once vibrant sport in the kingdom.

Besides being a socially entertaining sport, cycling confers unique health benefits like improved strength, balance, and coordination, making it a great sport.

The rules and regulations governing the Kengere ya BBS ne MTN bicycle challenge, will be released ahead of the event.


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