MTN MoMo offers safe and convenient mode of school fees payment

05 January 2022

It is only a matter of days until the anticipated reopening of schools. This follows the presidential address on New Year’s Eve, where he announced that schools would be reopening in January, but also emphasized the need to adhere to SOPs to avoid a surge in Covid-19 infections.

In line with mitigating the spread of coronavirus, MTN MoMo is providing a safe and convenient solution for school fees payment especially for the parents. The solution covers more than 5,000 schools and institutions across the country.

Stephen Mutana, acting Chief Executive Officer, MTN Mobile Money Uganda said using MTN MoMo, parents can pay for their children’s school fees conveniently and securely and receive a notification with a transaction ID to enable them reconcile with the schools.

“Through telecommunications solutions such as MoMo school fees payment, MTN is always looking to simplify and improve the lives of its customers. Parents can simply pay school fees for their children using their phones without enduring the long lines or even leaving their workplace to queue in line to make a payment,” he said noting that the mobile payment solution saves money that would otherwise have been used for transport.

“Travelling long distances to pay school fees is very challenging for parents who have 8am to 5pm jobs because some financial institutions close at 5pm in the evening. For those in the villages, travelling to the nearest financial institution could be very costly coupled with the waiting time in long queues. That is why the mobile money payment solution for school fees is very important for MTN because it makes the life of our customers easier, convenient, and cheaper in cost,” Mutana explained.

In addition to convenience, paying school fees through MoMo mitigates the spread of Covid-19 by preventing congestion of people as they wait in line to make payments.

Mobile Money also mitigates the exchange of cash between different parties, which was one of the ways highlighted as possible causes for transmission of the virus.

How to pay school fees using MTN MoMo

To pay school fees using MTN MoMo, simply dial *165*80# or use MyMTN app.

Enter the student number provided by the school. It will show you the student’s name and class plus outstanding balance.

Once you have confirmed the student details above, you can then enter the amount you want to pay and follow the remaining prompts.

At the end of the entire process, you will receive a text message confirming the success of the payment of school fees to the school.

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