MTN Uganda Introduces the Portable and Affordable WakaNet Pocket MiFi that Connects up to 10 Devices.

  • With the WakaNet pocket-size MiFi, customers get to enjoy superfast 4G internet regardless of their location and on the go. The MiFi connects up to 10 devices.
  • The MTN WakaNet MiFi is affordably priced at Ushs 75,000/-, and it includes 15GB free data.
  • The WakaNet MiFi top-up bundles start from as low as Ushs 10,000/- (for 3GB), with no expiry date. Customers have the freedom to use their data until it runs out.


In line with its vision of delivering a bold digital world to everyone, MTN Uganda has today introduced the MTN WakaNet Pocket MiFi to offer affordable internet connectivity to more of its customers.

The portable pocket size 4G WakaNet MiFi supports up to 10 devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-book readers, portable gaming devices, mp3 players, and many more internet-enabled devices.

The portable WakaNet MiFi is affordably priced at Ushs. 75,000/- and comes with 15GB of free data. Its top-up data bundles start from as low as 10,000/- for 3GB. All WakaNet Pocket MiFi top-up bundles are also Freedom bundles. This means they do not expire – a factor that is set to encourage more internet usage, based on the affordability and agile functionality of the MiFi and its bundles.

Talking about the MTN WakaNet Pocket MiFi, Somdev Sen, the MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer said that (this) device guarantees to offer functionality, convenience and affordability- all in one.

“With this pocket size 4G WakaNet MiFi, our customers can now enjoy MTN’s best-in-class internet wherever they are, be it school, home, and even on the go. This offer comes at a time when more people are working and studying remotely, making the WakaNet Pocket MiFi a great connectivity accessory since it can be easily carried around due to its size,” Somdev said.

Somdev further said that as a brand that is keen on leading digital solutions for Africa’s progress, MTN is committed to championing internet accessibility for all through such innovations that offer affordability and functionality to its customers.

The WakaNet Pocket MiFi is the latest addition to MTN’s WakaNet products. MTN WakaNet is a data solution from MTN that offers affordable, fast and reliable customized connectivity. MTN WakaNet currently has three offers namely, WakaNet Pro (high-speed fiber to the home and business Internet), WakaNet Max (WiFi router), and now, the portable and mobile WakaNet Pocket MiFi.

The MTN WakaNet Pocket MiFi is available at all MTN Service Centres across the country at only Ushs 75,000/- and comes with 15GB of free data, which does not expire. To top-up, customers can simply go to the MyMTN app or dial *165*64# to purchase affordable data that does not expire.

MTN WakaNet Pocket MiFi data bundles

Bundle Volume Bundle Price
3GB 10,000
5GB 15,000
12GB 30,000
25GB 55,000
45GB 85,000



  1. To top-up WakaNet bundles, visit MyMTN (select Buy, then WakaNet) or dial *165*64#
  2. MTN WakaNet bundles are Freedom bundles. They do not expire.


MTN WakaNet MAX Delivers Affordable and Reliable All-Purpose 4G Internet to Homes

  • MTN WakaNet MAX is a home Internet solution that offers affordable and reliable 4G data connectivity to multiple family members (up to 32 gadgets), with a single WakaNet MAX router.
  • With MTN WakaNet MAX, customers get to work, study, get quality entertainment and keep their homes secure with CCTV security cameras, all supported by MTN’s superfast and affordable 4G internet.
  • The MTN WakaNet MAX starter kit comes at an initial cost of UGX 245,000 which includes the one-off cost of the router and 35GB data bundle with no expiry.
  • The data on MTN WakaNet MAX does not expire, meaning that customers can use it for as long as it is available and until it runs out. Top-up bundles go for as low as low as UGX 55,000 for 20GB.
  • Other WakaNet MAX bundle options include;
Price (UGX) Volume
55,000 20GB
85,000 40GB
170,000 85GB
335,000 195GB

MTN Uganda, in line with its vision of delivering a bold new digital world to its customers is set to transform Uganda’s homes into smart homes with MTN WakaNet MAX, a home Internet solution that offers affordable and reliable 4G data connectivity to multiple family members, with a single WakaNet MAX router. With a single WakaNet MAX kit, a family can have up to 32 internet enabled devices connected to superfast 4G internet.

Derived from the Luganda word “Waka” which literally means “home”, WakaNet MAX is a home internet solution for today’s modern homes that have many smart devices such as smart phones, laptops, security cameras, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, tablets and gaming consoles among others.

This offer comes at a time when many people are working and studying from home as a safety precaution because of covid 19. MTN WakaNet MAX is affordable and convenient for households that need the internet for work, school, entertainment, and security needs among others.

Somdev Sen, the MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer said that MTN is intent on realizing its vision of delivering a bold new digital world to its customers, more so in times like these when connectivity to the home is so crucial.

“One of the ways we are delivering a bold new digital world to our customers is by ensuring that every home has access to affordable and reliable superfast internet. As we all know the internet has become an essential part of our lives especially in these times where we are required to do a lot more at home. MTN WakaNet MAX ensure ensures that our customers are able to work, study, transact business, get entertainment as well as secure their homes with CCTV, all powered by reliable Internet from MTN,” said Somdev.

Apart from data bundles that have no expiry date, another exciting feature of MTN WakaNet MAX is its router, which has an inbuilt battery that ensures internet availability even when the home loses power.

Customers can purchase the MTN WakaNet MAX kit at selected service centers across the country at only UGX 245,000. The kit includes 35GB that has no expiry date and the plug and play MTN WakaNet MAX router. To recharge, customers can simply go to the MyMTN App or dial *177# to recharge for as low as UGX 55,000 for 20GB. Other data bundle top-up packages include 40GB for UGX 85,000, 85GB for UGX 170,000 and 195GB for UGX 335,000, all with no expiry date.

MTN Group works to bridge the digital divide, connects 100 million to the internet

Access to the internet has the power to change lives and bridge inequalities and MTN Group reached a significant milestone by recording 100 million active data users on its networks across Africa and the Middle East.

“We believe that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life,” said MTN Group president and CEO Rob Shuter. “We are delighted to have connected 100 million of our customers to the power of the internet as we have increased data coverage and reduced the cost to communicate across our markets.”

MTN has a total base of more than 257 million customers in 21 markets. Growth through scaling data and digital services is central to its strategy. The group is overcoming the barriers to greater mobile internet adoption by extending its 3G and 4G coverage, accelerating smartphone adoption and transforming prices.

In the past three years, well over 100 million more people in MTN’s footprint have been covered by its data network. This brings the group’s network coverage for data services to beyond 480 million people. However, about 60% of rural populations in Africa remain unconnected. To benefit from connectivity, they need affordable devices as well as the digital literacy to easily access relevant and meaningful content.

To support smartphone adoption, in 2019 MTN distributed 675 000 affordable data-enabled handsets across 12 markets. It also launched a digital literacy programme in nine markets, helping over three million people improve their understanding of the mobile internet and applications.

Data affordability is also key. In 2018 and 2019, MTN reduced entry-level data rates across its footprint by 60%. In 2019 alone, it cut the effective data price per megabyte by 34%.

“We believe the consumer mobile data market will grow enormously over the next few years,” said Shuter. “The COVID-19 pandemic has served to accelerate the adoption of mobile data, digital services and financial services. As a result, we have recorded increases of up to 50% in data volumes in some markets, as work and studying from home becomes a reality for many.”

“Over time our ambition is to grow our customer base to 300 million and for at least 2/3 to be accessing the power of the internet on an MTN network – so  the 100 million achieved today marks the halfway mark in the MTN journey.”