Nebbi and Zombo districts Shine at the MTN Ker Alur Bicycle Races Finale

  • The bicycle races were a competitive engagement amongst the 3 sub-regions of the Ker Alur Kingdom. This was the first edition of the race.
  • The MTN Ker Alur competition was executed as part of the activities leading up to the 12th Coronation anniversary of the King of Ker Alur, His Royal Majesty Ubimu Phillip Rauni III.
  • This is part of activities contained in a cooperation agreement signed between MTN Uganda and the Kingdom of Ker Alur, back in 2019.

The first edition of the MTN-sponsored Ker Alur Kingdom bicycle race competition dubbed “MTN Ker Alur Bicycle Races” was concluded on Saturday in the West Nile District of Zombo. The 100 participants were flagged off by the King of Ker Alur His Royal Majesty Ubimu Phillip Rauni III.

Launched two months ago, the races that are part of the ongoing partnership between MTN Uganda and the Ker Alur kingdom were a build-up to the upcoming 12th Coronation Anniversary of the King of Ker Alur. Under this partnership, MTN Uganda seeks to socioeconomically uplift the people of Ker Alur through health, education and sports initiatives.

As suggested by the King of the land, the bicycle races that were launched two months ago were held under the theme “Ending child Pregnancies and Marriage” in Alur land.

In his keynote speech at the grand finale of the bicycle racing competition, His Royal Majesty Philip Olarker Rauni III urged parents for good parenting of their young girls for better futures.


“The kingdom is working hard to ensure that early child marriages come to an end. We are striving to get rid of the cultural practices that fuel teenage pregnancies,” said his Royal Majesty Pjillip Olaker Rauni III.

The highly engaging bicycle races attracted 100 participants of all genders including women, men and differently-abled people from the three Ker Alur sub-regions of Pakwach, Nebbi and Zombo districts. 

Each of the 3 districts was represented by their top cyclists; The male participants rode a distance of 30 Kilometers while their female counterparts covered a distance of 15 Kilometers. The differently-abled people and children also took part in the race that saw all winners of the day walking away with assorted cash, among other prizes.

Charity Ayikuru from Nebbi district secured the first position in the women’s race category, a victory that saw her win the grand cash prize of Ugx.1,500,000/= and a brand-new bicycle. In the second position was Charity Kwiyucwiny from Zombo district. She walked away with Ugx.700,000/= while Magritte Agita from Nebbi, who came third won a cash prize of Ugx.300,000/=.

In the men’s category, Zombo district’s Nickson Asiimwe scooped the grand prize of Ugx.1,500,000 after emerging the winner. In second position was Pakwach’s Stephen Kumakech who won Ugx.700,000/= while Zombo’s Stephen Oboth who came third won Ugx.300,000/= all courtesy of MTN Uganda.

The King of Ker Alur waves to the masses during the MTN Ker Alur bucycle races finale that was held in Zombo over the weekend

Speaking at the event, Phillip Odoi the MTN Uganda Northern Region Business Manager thanked the King of Ker Alur for the great partnership that exists between MTN Uganda and the Kingdom.  

“This bicycle race has been very successful and it has clearly demonstrated what can be achieved if companies unite with communities for the greater good of society. We are happy to note that the partnership between MTN Uganda and Ker Alur is growing stronger. We pledge to keep supporting the Kingdom in its pursuit of socioeconomic growth and development.,” Odoi said.

Odoi further thanked the people of Ker Alur for embracing the races and for using the competition as an opportunity to sensitize the kingdom against early marriage and teenage pregnancy in the region. 

The King of ker Alur (C) alongside MTN and Ker Alur officials at the just concluded MTN Ker Alurbicycle races finale

Based on the 2019 agreement between Ker Alur Kingdom and MTN, the Telecom company has been working with the kingdom to enable the socio-economic upliftment of its people through sports, education and health.

In accordance with the agreement, MTN Uganda is set to officially launch a maternity ward at Pakwach Health Center IV that it refurbished and re-equipped in a bid to extend better maternal services in the region.

As a corporate company that is keen on promoting the notion of shared value, MTN is committed to working with Ker Alur Kingdom for the socio-economic upliftment of its people.

Below is the list of the MTN Ker Alur Final bicycle race winners and the prizes that they won. 

Women – 15 Kilometers
Position County Cyclists’ Name Cash Prize
1st Nebbi  Charity Ayikuru 1,500,000 and a bicycle
2nd Zombo Charity Kwiyucwiny 700,000
3rd Nebbi Magritte Agita 300,000
Men – 30 Kilometers
1st Zombo Nickson Asiimwe 1,500,000 
2nd Pakwach Stephen Kumakech 1,500,000
3rd Zombo Stephen Oboth 300,000


Nebbi Deputy RDC Hails the MTN ker Alur bicycle Races aimed at Ending Early marriages and teenage pregnancies. 

The Ker Alur kingdom bicycle races continue to garner support as the residents and youth of Padyere county streamed into this weekend’s races. 

The bicycle races have been attracting a big number of youths who are passionate about their culture and sports activities in general with the goal of talent identification and the call to action in ending early marriages and teenage pregnancies.

As the competitions rave on, the eagerly awaited 12th coronation anniversary of the King of Ker Alur, His Royal Majesty Ubimu Philip Rauni III draws closer and with it brings joy and excitement. The coronation anniversary will take place in October with celebrations to mark the majestic end to the recent bicycle races.

This weekend was graced with participants from all chiefdoms in the country in anticipation of the upcoming coronation anniversary next month. The races have been graced with the King’s message that reproaches the vices of early marriages that result in school dropouts, teenage pregnancies, and increased mortality rates.

The MTN Ker Alur Padyere county women’s race was won by Charity Ayikuru who emerged number one in the competition held at the Nebbi playground in Nebbi municipality. Ayikuru was awarded two goats for her win as she remarkably competed against 30 other participants in a 7-kilometer race. Ayikuru maintained the same speed from the start point to the finish line showcasing great resilience and talent. She had the crowds ululating and cheering her on as she crossed the finish line.

“I am so pleased with my win because MTN has given me the opportunity to show that women too can compete in sports and win fairly. The two goats I have received will help me in making money to pay school fees for my young children so they can attain a brighter future.” Ayikuru said after winning the race.

Ayikuru added that this race was a learning point that they as a community should change their mindsets and sensitize their young girls to distance themselves away from early marriages and teenage pregnancy and put education as a top priority if they are to have a better future.

In the men’s race, Anthony Kumakech emerged as the winner, walking away with two goats while his father, Gilbert Opakrwoth was rewarded with one goat for being the most outstanding participant.

Hassan Sebilweriwa the Deputy RDC of Nebbi district, who also graced the bicycle race added his voice to the other leaders’ voices in sensitizing the Nebbi residents against the harmful traditional practices that endanger girls’ futures.  Also present were officials from Action Aid Uganda and Plan International who also applauded MTN for sponsoring the races that have eased the sensitization of the people in the KerAlur subregion against early marriages and teenage pregnancies.

The LC III Chairperson of Thatha division Ms. Opar Jacklyn applauded MTN Uganda for sponsoring the bicycle races that champion the message of ending early marriages and putting a stop to teenage pregnancies.

“These races have given us a platform to talk about the negative impact of early marriages that lead to school dropouts and teenage pregnancies. These girls are usually too young for marriage and childbirth and also don’t have access to health care which later results in raised mortality rates. We must put an end to this vicious practice and preserve our girls” said Ms. Opar Jacklyn.

MTN Uganda is partnering with the Ker Alur Kingdom to promote the kingdom’s cultural values and MTN Uganda’s CSR policy with the talent identification objectives under the theme “Ending Child Pregnancy and marriage in Alur land”.

The bicycle races are a build-up to the 12th coronation anniversary of the King of Ker Alur, His Royal majesty Ubimu Philip Rauni III, in October this year. This follows the partnerships between MTN and the Ker Alur kingdom signed in 2019