Ugandans to easily manage their health with the AFYA Mobile App.

26 February 2020
  • MTN has partnered with Baobab Circle to introduce the Afya Pap mobile app that enables customer access to remote monitoring of their vitals, health, diet and exercise information that helps prevent or manage diabetes and hypertension while reducing or delaying development of complications.
  • The partnership with MTN Uganda makes the app more accessible through subscription bundled with data that can be bought using MTN MoMo to enable customers stay connected.
  • The partnership also reiterates MTN Uganda’s commitment to working together with others for the good of Ugandans because “We are good together”

In another effort to enhance value for its customers, MTN Uganda has today unveiled a mobile solution that enables customers to manage their health in order to reduce the risk of complications like stroke, blindness, kidney disease among others.

MTN Uganda partnered with Baobab Circle Limited, a London based health technology company to provide a health application named “Afya Pap” to its customers. Through the Afya Pap mobile App, MTN customers will have access to remote monitoring of their vitals, health, diet and exercise information that helps reduce or delay development of health complications. The App is powered by artificial intelligence for personalized diabetes, hypertension, vitals tracking, meal planning and physical exercise planning.

Customers can download the Afya Pap mobile App from the Google Play store and register to use it. All new users of the App will be given a 14-day FREE trial inclusive of data. Upon expiry of the FREE trial, customers can then buy subscription using MTN MoMo within the Afya Pap App. The available subscription plan is 30 days at ONLY UGX 4,000, inclusive of the data for using the App.

MTN Uganda Chief Marketing officer Somdev Sen said MTN believes in meaningful partnership as a way of making the world a brighter place for her customers and all Ugandans.

“We are all good together. They developed the app and we have the means to make it convenient and affordable for the users. As the mobile device continues to become a central part of our customer’s lifestyle, we intend to create more services for them to use on the phone so they can get more value out of it. With this app, we hope to further brighten the lives of our customers,” Somdev.

Baobab Circle Limited, a renowned London based health Technology Company with operations in Sub- Saharan markets, the Middle East and spreading its wings in East Africa, specializes in digital mobile intervention programs for remote patient monitoring and applied health signals in the management of chronic conditions.

Spencer Matonhodze, Chief Commercial Officer of Baobab Circle said the mobile application is seamlessly integrated with smart glucometers and blood pressure monitors, allowing users to conveniently test their sugar and BP levels using their mobile phones and store the data, which can automatically be shared with their care partners who could be either a family member and or a personal doctor through a caregiver module. The application also allows 24/7 accessibility to a medical practitioner, nutritionists and sports therapist; he added

The Afya Pap application was first launched in August of 2015 and is now available in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Egypt among other countries.

The application has won several awards including the Sanofi Diabetes Innovation Challenge (2019), AMREF health innovation challenge (2018) and Nominated for the GLOMO health innovation award at World Mobile Congress (2019) among others.

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