We have cut and reduced our mobile money with draw rates effective 1st May 2021. Now you can enjoy the best withdrawal rates and also get MTN Senkyu Points when you use MTN MoMo. Visit any MTN MoMo agent countrywide and withdraw that ka-money you are expecting.

Charge taxes are inclusive in Ugandan Shillings and are automatically deducted on the process of a transaction.

Transactions whilst roaming are additionally charged to local charges.

Paying for Goods & Services with MoMoPay is FREE.

Additional information

Daily transaction limit: UShs 7 000 000
Minimum account balance: UShs 0
Maximum account balance: UShs 15 000 000
Minimum transaction amount: UShs 50
Download the New MTN Mobile Money rates effective 1st May 2021 here.

Additional information

PIN change: free
Balance check: free
Mini-statement: free
MTN Mobile Money registration: free
MTN Mobile Money (deposit): free
Buying airtime and bundles through MTN Mobile Money for yourself and others: free
Caution Do not pay the agent any transaction or registration fees.

Note: SMS charges are generated by the MTN Mobile Money transactions performed by the customer while roaming. The SMS charges below will apply as additional charges to the transaction fees and will be charged from the airtime account.

MTN Mobile Money SMS charges for roaming customers

Transaction type Number of SMSs Charge Inclusive TAX (in UShs)
Buying airtime 2 111
Send MTN Mobile Money to a registered number 2 111
Send MTN Mobile Money to the unregistered mobile user 4 222
Send MTN Mobile Money to unregistered non-mobile user 2 111
Bill payments 4 222

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