Connect your home online with MTN WakaNet MAX.


Get our fast and reliable home internet options to power your entertainment, gaming, e-learning, home office, and security surveillance needs.

MTN WakaNet MAX offers high-speed 4G Internet, for up to 32 devices in your home connected using Wi-Fi. It is suitable for moderate internet users. MTN WakaNet MAX data does not expire. It is available to the customer until it is all used up. If you top-up, any unused data from your previous package will be added to the new one and both will be available to use until they are completely used up.

The starter kit comes with a 4G Wi-Fi router, free 4G SIM card, and 40GB initial package all together at UGX. 245,000.

How to sign up for MTN WakaNet MAX

  • Visit any MTN Service Centre with your original national ID or passport (for non-Ugandans) to register for MTN WakaNet MAX.
  • Pay and take your starter kit home with you. It is a ready-to-connect device so you will simply plugin and starts working instantly.
  • After installation, you will now be able to connect up to 32 devices e.g., Smart TVs, gaming consoles, tabs, laptops, smart security surveillance cameras, locks, lights, and more.

MTN WakaNet MAX top-up packages include;

MTN WakaNet MAX Packages
Package Price (UGX)
14GB 35,000/-
25GB 55,000/-
45GB 85,000/-
95GB 170,000/-
195GB 335,000/-


How to top up MTN WakaNet MAX

  • Go to the MyMTN app, select Buy then MTN WakaNet MAX, and choose your preferred data package or dial 165*64# or *150*3#¬†and follow the steps to select your preferred package.
  • You can top up with MTN MoMo on the MyMTN app or at an MTN Service Centre near you
  • There is no limit to the number of MTN WakaNet MAX data packages you can top up.
  • To check your MTN WakaNet MAX package status, go to the MyMTN app, select Buy then MTN WakaNet MAX, and enter your MTN WakaNet MAX number.

To confirm this service is available in your home area, please visit any MTN Service Centre near you or consider the following options;

Visit MyMTN app
Call 100 or 0771001000
WhatsApp on 0772123100

Click here to learn more about MTN WakaNet Max.