Connect your home online with MTN WakaNet PRO

MTN WakaNet PRO is a fixed Home Internet solution delivered using fiber optic cable directly to your home. It provides a reliable high-speed internet connection with no cap on data volume to meet your home entertainment, education, surveillance, and home office needs. MTN WakaNet PRO is currently available only in specific locations.


Fiber-optic connections allow connection to the internet at very high speeds and extremely low latency times. Unlike wireless solutions where several varying factors between the site and the customer premises affect the quality of the signal and thus the speed of the connection, the fiber optic connection is a wired connection that does not experience the same challenges. It is undoubtedly the best solution for any kind of internet use imaginable.


MTN WakaNet Pro Packages
Package Speed Price (UGX)
Standard Unlimited Up to 20Mbps 195,000/-
Premium Unlimited Up to 40Mbps 295,000/-


The maximum speeds are 20Mbps on the Standard package and 40Mbps on the Premium package. However, MTN implements a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) as follows:

  • Maximum available speeds in the daytime are 12Mbps and 24Mbps on the Standard and Premium packages respectively,
  • Maximum available speeds in the evening and on weekends are 20Mbps and 40MBps on the Standard and Premium packages respectively,
  • Peer-to-peer applications such as torrent applications are limited to 1Mbps on the Standard package and 2Mbps on the Premium package, and
  • Gaming applications are limited to 6Mbps on the Premium package.

Please note that the indicated speeds are what is available on your WakaNet PRO connection, and not for every device that is connected to the Wi-Fi network supported by your connection.


Eligible locations are visible on the MyMTN app under WakaNet PRO. Go to Buy, select WakaNet PRO, then follow the prompts to request for the service. The eligible locations are listed under the Location option. If your location is listed, you can go ahead to request for the service. In addition, after you request for the service, our team carries out further checks to confirm we can deliver the service to your specified address.


You can sign up for MTN WakaNet PRO on the MyMTN app. Go to Buy, select WakaNet PRO, then follow the prompts to request for the service. Ensure that you sign up while at the home location where the service is to be installed and your phone’s GPS is switched on so that the app can capture the right location coordinates.

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5 MBs
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