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MTN is passionate about the development of athletics in Uganda. Since 2004, together with Uganda Athletics Federation (UAF), we sponsor various athletics championships each year. These meets form part of the qualification process for international athlete meets such as The World Championships and the Olympics.

As a result, we have seen talent develop from Uganda with the likes of Dorcus Inzikuru (Steeple Chase World Champion), Boniface Kiprop and Stephen Kiprotich, who won gold medals at both the London 2012 Olympics and Moscow 2013 World Championships.

The MTN Kampala International Marathon is Uganda’s biggest sporting event, which has been held every year since 2004. Elite athletes from Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda come together to compete for a cash prize.


​The MTN Monthly Mug Tournament is a golf tournament, hosted at the Uganda Golf Club, that pits club members against each other for the coveted Golf Mugs. The tournament hosts a maximum of 140 participants every month and offers Uganda Golf Club members an opportunity to compete on both an amateur and professional level.

MTN Heathens rugby

MTN is the official sponsor of the MTN Heathens rugby team, and we are proud of our outstanding partnership with the MTN Heathens, which has stretched over a period of 16 years.

Our longstanding relationship has seen the growth of the MTN Heathens into a dominant rugby team in Uganda over the years. The team have won a multitude of trophies and continue to supply the bulk of the national team players: Uganda Rugby Cranes.

Kampala Clup Chairmans cup

MTN sponsors the annual Chairman’s Cup, hosted and held at the Kampala Club, which brings together captains of industry and prominent government officials. The Chairman’s Cup involves all nine sports disciplines played at the club.

Below are highlights of some of the MTN Heathen’s achievements since our sponsorship began in 2000 winning:

  • 11 league trophies, and this includes five seasons – 2009 to 2013 – where they won the league back to back
  • Eight Uganda Cup trophies, the highest ever record for the country
  • All except two, seven-a-side tournaments since 2000: this amounts to 11 trophies in total, a huge feat achieved by the team
  • Five trophies for the Makerere ten-a-side tournaments; these competitions involve the entire East Africa region, and hence the team have proved their capabilities by beating the best in the region
  • The MTN Heathens have also been the only team in Uganda to have won all local trophies on offer (league, Uganda Cup and seven-and ten-a-side tournaments) on four occasions: 2002, 2004, 2009 and 2013
  • Are the only rugby team to have been voted Uganda Sports Press Association Rugby Team of the Year in 2009
  • Have provided the bulk of national team players for a number of years, and on a year-by-year basis, they provide at least seven key players


MTN App challenge

The MTN App Challenge is a 3-day event in which local innovators come together to create mobile applications for use on mobile devices i.e. phones and tablets.

MTN Uganda, in partnership with Outbox and Garage48, launched the MTN App Challenge in 2015.

2015 Edition
The event started on Friday 29th May 2015 at 4:00pm and ran until Sunday 31st May 2015. It brought together 100 brilliant minds to turn ideas into technological innovations. The MTN App Challenge is open to innovators from Uganda, both students and non-students. The aim is to gather people from different fields and skill sets and unite them into well-working teams.

We identified different skill sets, such as: Developers, Designers, Marketers and Project Managers.

The winners:

Best M-Health App ($2,500)
Name of App: Run for Your Life
Team Leader: Adeline Tushabe

Run for Your Life is a 3D mobile game built to create awareness about HIV, other chronic diseases and general health care. It facilitates delivery of health information by letting users answer some questions to redeem their game-life as they play a mobile racing game. Failure (while playing) generates questions, while success offers various tips.

Best M-Business ($2,500)
Name of App: Yoza
Team Leader: Nicholas Kamanzi

Yoza is an Android App that provides laundry services to people who need them. It targets single youth between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. The app lists a number of service providers and will connect those who require laundry services with these service providers.

The app utilises “Yoza Credit” which is a coupon system (loyalty programme) to encourage people to use the service.

Best M-Entertainment ($2,500)
Name of App: Common Sense
Team Leader: Ssali Emma

The app challenges the user by encouraging them to answer questions, earning points for all correct answers. The points can be used to win tangible products based on the sponsor the user has elected to play for.

Best M-Finance ($2,500)
Name of App: MamboPay
Team Leader: Charles Muhindo

MamboPay is a coupon-based payment solution that enables individuals or organisations to send funds to various beneficiaries in terms of coupons. Coupons are tied to a specific purpose and can only be redeemed at partner service providers for that specific purpose. It can facilitate payment for health services, for example, by letting a sponsor generate a fixed-value coupon to be redeemed at any of the registered health service providers.

Audience Favourite ($1,000)
Name of App: Dawa App
Team Leader: Duncan Sanya

This app provides access to patient’s medical information on-the-go, while allowing a patient to dial a health professional at any time, from anywhere.

Overall Winner ($2,500)
Name of App: Yoza App

MTN Junior Robotics Camp

The MTN Junior Robotics Camp was a three-day learning event where children, from 10 schools in Kampala, were able to create various exciting and innovative robotics projects in the fields of programming, mechanics and electronics.

2015 Edition

The MTN Juniors Robotics Camp 2015 brought together children from 10 schools in Kampala who were able to create various exciting and innovative robotics projects in the fields of programming, mechanics and electronics.

The three-day Junior Robotics Camp was organised by MTN Uganda in partnership with FundiBots, a Ugandan based organisation that focuses on robotics training in schools. The camp was aimed at equipping juniors aged between 9-12 years old, with skills that can enable them to solve real-world problems through digital design.

The event brought together 50 children from the 10 schools in Kampala, with each school being represented by five children. The training commenced on Friday, 11 September 2015.

The primary schools that participated included:

  • Lohana Academy
  • Vine Academy
  • Ntinda Primary School
  • Nakasero Primary School
  • Buganda Road Primary School
  • Kiswa Primary School
  • Kitante Primary School
  • Daffodils Academy
  • Kampala Parents School
  • St. Kizito Primary School


Sponsorship; Afrigo Band – Teri Mubi Album Launch

Beneficiary; Afrigo Band

Dates; 11th Oct 2019

Rationale; Partnering with Afrigo to promote Ugandan Music


Founded in 1975, The Afrigo Band is still to date the oldest and favorite local band offering Ugandans cultural flavored beats throughout the regions across East Africa covering, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi. The band was formed by a group of eight musicians led by their band leader, vocalist, and alto saxophonist, Moses Matovu, who turned 70years continues to lead the band on its 44th anniversary as the oldest member, Playing to their fans at home in Uganda, the group tours regularly in Europe and the United States to play to Ugandans in the Diaspora.

In October this year, we announced our sponsorship for Afrigo band’s new album called ‘Teri Mubi’ at MTN Nyonyi Gardens in Kololo. The press conference that was attended by Afrigo band members, the media and MTN staff among others. . Afrigo Band went on to host fans to a special concert on 11th October 2019 at hotel Africana.