If you are a mobile data user, it is apparent that from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, you do quite a number of things online. And now, with the latest repackaging of the MTN daily data bundles, you can do twice as much using your mobile data for the same old prices.

This year, MTN set a downward trajectory for data pricing by repackaging its data bundles to offer customers up to 100% more data on the most popular daily bundles at the same old prices. 

Somdev explains that the MTN data bundles were repackaged to offer more value to the customers at the same old prices, starting from as low as UGX.250/-

Based on the new changes, at UGX 250/-, MTN data customers now get 30MBs, instead of 15MBs and for UGX 500/-, they get 80MBs instead of 40MBs, signaling a 100% increment in the data volume. For UGX 1000/-, subscribers get 180MB instead of 100MBs, which is 80% more. For UGX 2000/- the customers get 400MBs instead of 300MBs, which is 50% more than before, at the same old pricing. These prices are permanent. These bundles can be purchased via the MyMTN app or by dialing *150*10#.

With data evolving as the most precious commodity of the 21st century, its availability bucked by its affordability is key for driving digital inclusion in Uganda where internet penetration stands at 26.2%, (Digital 2021 Report: Uganda) signaling the future runway for growth available in the country. 

Over the years, MTN Uganda has continuously taken bold strides aimed at steering digital inclusion by not only investing in its network but also making it more affordable for the masses.

“While commodity prices in other industries are increasing, we are swimming upstream to ensure that we democratize our mobile data services,” says Somdev Sen, MTN Uganda’s chief marketing officer. 

“It is twice as much data as I used to get for the same price. I can now stay online longer and market my business even more,” says Josephine Ninsiima, a fresh food trader who has harnessed digital marketing for her business. 

Like Ninsiima, more mobile data customers are taking advantage of the repackaged MTN daily data bundles to do more online, ranging from education, work and e-commerce among many other things that come with the availability of affordable data.