MoMo Agents are essential partners for Mobile Financial service providers and have been key to the growth of the industry. Principally MoMo Agents are responsible for registering customer accounts, also continue to boost MoMo transactions through cash_in, cash_out and drive provider revenues. MoMo Agents also help to educate customers on how to use MobileĀ  Financial Services in general and be user-friendly, which boosts MoMo services within the ecosystem.

Why Be a MoMo Agent

MTN MoMo offers a sustainable and profitable business model where everyone in MoMo value chain makes a living from MoMo Master agents, distributors and street MoMo agents who take MoMo products and services to the last mile.

MoMo agent network composed by all mobile money agents who sell MoMo (cashin/out), VTU, SIM CARDS, AIRTIME and other MTN products and services, will be entitled to receive commissions earned legitimately through MoMo services.
Mobile money agent will earn a commission from different MTN Products and services:

  • MoMo service (cashin and cashout)
  • MoMo activation commission
  • Sim cards
  • Virtual Top Up (VTU)
  • MTN Handsets
  • All MoMo agents are given full support to help them conduct their daily activities like branding tools for proper visibility.
  • Vendor Jacket
  • Kiosk (depending on area of operation)
  • Transaction books
  • Trolley

Download the MoMo App

Available in on Android and iOS.

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