clinicPesa is a healthcare financing solution that empowers you to save, borrow and pay for healthcare or purchase drugs/medicine in time of need at any of our partnering healthcare facilities.

clinicPesa also has a maternal health service called clinicPesa MaMa’s.

clinicPesa MaMa’s is a behaviorally driven mobile money maternal health savings account platform that empowers expectant women and couples to access timely savings towards maternity care, purchase of birth preparedness kits (MaMa Kits), upkeep, as well as afford transportation to the healthcare center, hence empowering them to afford safe child delivery.

Our target beneficiaries

Individual users

  • Individuals who are 18 years old and above, owning a registered MTN sim card and are registered on MTN mobile money.
  • Expectant women (ages 18-49), women of reproductive age (18-49) who are planning to become pregnant and men who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant partners (ages 18-49).

Healthcare Facilities

  • Formal and informal healthcare facilities that include hospitals, medical centers, clinics, pharmacies and drug shops that are licensed and regulated by the Uganda Medical Practitioners Council and National Drug Authority established under the relevant national laws under the ministry of health.

To create an individual Account;

  • Dial *165*5#, select clinicPesa and enter your Mobile Money PIN to accept the terms and conditions. This automatically activates your clinicPesa Account.


  • Download the clinicPesa App on google play store or visit the web, enter your phone number.
  • Accept terms and conditions on your MTN handset with your MTN MoMo PIN.
  • Create a 5-digit clinicPesa PIN you would love to use.

To create a facility Account;


NOTE: Always keep your clinicPesa PIN and MoMo PIN a secret.


  • Activation of a clinicPesa account is completely free of charge.
  • Any transaction between clinicPesa and Mobile Money is free of charge. I.e. Savings, Auto savings, Loan Repayment, Account balance check.
  • Payment of a medical bill to our partnering healthcare facilities is completely free of charge.
  • A transactional fee of 1% is charged to our partnering health facilities on withdrawal.



  • A user can save any amount from as low as UGX 500 cumulatively over time.
  • A user can set AutoSave (set standing order) to allow clinicPesa system save on their behalf.
  • A user earns Interest of up-to 5% annually on their savings.
  • A user will take at-least 12 months to qualify to withdraw savings plus interest accumulated free of charge. Between 6 to 11 months a user qualifies to withdraw funds at transaction fees equivalent to the interest earned over time.



  • This is a loan top up made to clear your medical bills at a very affordable interest rate of 7% and it is paid directly into the clinicPesa partner healthcare facility of your choice.
  • A user can take a loan between UGX 3,000 up to UGX 3,000,000.
  • The user does not incur recurring interest on medical loan but a penalty of 7% is applied for late loan repayment.
  • The clinicPesa loan duration is 30 days. After 30 days a penalty is applied, attempts for loan recovery are applied within your additional 30 days to clear the loan.


You can access all the frequently asked questions here

Terms and conditions

You can access the Terms and conditions here

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